Feb 2, 2013

Rafael Nadal meets President Sebastian Pinera, Nicolas Massu and Fernando Gonzalez at La Moneda Palace

Rafael Nadal arrived in the Chilean capital of Santiago this morning.

The first thing on his schedule since he landed was a visit to the Palace of La Moneda for a meeting with President Sebastian Pinera. Also attended the function were Chilean Olympic medalists Nicolas Massu and Fernando Gonzalez.

Arrives in the official car

Waves like a prince

This is Nadal's first official public appearance since Wimbledon

A happy smile

Nadal, Massu and Gonzalez on the way to meet and greet the President

After the event, Nadal headed off for his workout preparing for his first appearance in Vina del Mar tournament since Wimbledon.

(Images via, Rafaholics)

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