Jul 1, 2010

Roger Federer out of Wimbledon, fall short of making history

I don't mean to be insensitive to Fed fans but these photos look like a great combo :D

Roger Federer will miss the Wimbledon final for the first time since 2002.

Federer lost 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 6-4 in the quarterfinals last night against Tomas Berdych.

The disastrous defeat also means that he failed in his bid to equal Pete Sampras's record of seven Wimbledon crowns.

According to Toronto Star, Federer "not only chose to blame leg and back woes for his defeat, but volunteered that information without being asked."

You know, people criticized Rafael Nadal a lot for putting the blame on his knees whenever he lost. Personally I think players deserve to come up with hundred of reasons including injuries as an excuse for their defeat.

It was a big match last night against Berdych and Federer's ego was crushed! So leave the guy alone!

At the post match presser, Federer gets to vent his frustration on a journalist who asked stupid questions.

I know some non-Fedfans misunderstood the champ's answer (they only read half of his answer) and called him "clASSless" but do read the transcript carefully before criticizing anyone.

Q. Andy Murray is playing a critical match at the moment. Nadal has been having some trouble. What do you think of Andy Murray as a player and do you think this might be his year, given some of the great players are not doing so well?

ROGER FEDERER: The end was what?

Q. I wonder if you think this might be his year, given some of the really threatening players haven't been doing so well this year.

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I mean, true, Rafa played terribly lately; Soderling is not a threat either. He's got an easy ride to this victory, that's for sure. Djokovic can't play tennis anymore it seems like.

Got to make your own work, please. Respect the players. Obviously Andy is a fantastic player and he's got all the chances to win here. We all know that.

(Images via Yahoo! Sports)

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