Jul 9, 2010

HCFoo wants Spain to win World Cup 2010

There's no reason not to support the Spanish team in their first 2010 World Cup final when Fernando Verdasco does.

I'm an Azzurri fan for a decade now but this weekend would be an exception.

Being a fan of Rafael Nadal and the Spanish Armada boys, it's natural for me to root for Spain.

Nadal has announced in his website that he'll be taking a break from tennis and fly all the way to South Africa to support good friend Iker Casillas and his team mates.

Meanwhile, Fernando Verdasco and the rest of the Spanish Davis Cup players are preparing for the quarterfinals match against France.

Hopefully they'll be able to focus on putting an 'A' game tomorrow and not distracted by football.

Spanish Davis Cup team watching football


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