May 3, 2010

Never ending Telenovela

The relationship between Feliciano Lopez and ex-girlfriend Maria Jose Suarez is pretty much like a never ending telenovela.

After years of on and off-again relationship, Maria Jose confirmed that they are now officially broken up during an interview with the Hola! magazine.

That's not the end.

Maria Jose also confirmed that she's pregnant and will raise the child as a single mother!

A Portuguese magazine, 'Lux' spills more juice - María Jose may have had secret meetings with footballer/playboy Cristiano Ronaldo in the past months.

To make it even more complicated, Lopez was said to have an affair with Ronaldo's ex-girlfriend Marisa Sandoval! They were seen cuddling in Madrid
at the end of last year.

Where would the next episode lead us to? I guess we'll have to wait and see.


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