Sep 1, 2009

US Open officially kicks off in Flushing Meadows

As usual, I don't get to watch the Opening Night of the US Open due to time zone difference.

This year, a diverse line-up of celebrities attended the event at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

Andre Agassi's trademark gesture

Andre Agassi who gave a speech on education policy, lead the full force of athletes who were honoured for their active participation in charities and giving back.

NFL star Doug Flutie, NBA star David Robinson and soccer star Mia Hamm

They included soccer superstar Mia Hamm, former NBA champion David Robinson and former NFL star Doug Flutie.

Rob Thomas performing at the Opening Night... odd choice but at least it's not Nick Lachey

Performing at the Opening Night were Rob Thomas, who sang “America the Beautiful" and the O’Jays, “Love Train.”

Other celebrities who attended this event were Christie Brinkley, Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza, etc.

The night wouldn't be complete without fireworks that blasted into the a night sky accented with gold glitter to mark the opening of the season ending Grand Slam.

(Images via US Open official website)

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