Aug 28, 2009

VIDEO: Grey Goose Honey Deuce delights for a perfect weekend

If you're planning a party or gathering with friends and family over the weekend, why not serve them up with the official 2009 US Open cocktail, Grey Goose "Honey Deuce".

This is the third year that Grey Goose will partner with the USTA.

Here's the recipe for those who would like to experiment mixology at home,:

1 1/4 part Grey Goose® Original Vodka
2 parts fresh lemonade
1/2 part Chambord® raspberry liquor
Frozen honeydew melon balls

1. Fill a highball or double old-fashioned glass with crushed ice.
2. Add Grey Goose Vodka and fill the rest of the cup with lemonade to a half inch below the rim.
3. Drizzle Chambord over the top.
4. Garnish with frozen honeydew melon balls.


Have a good weekend & Happy Independence Day to my fellow Malaysians!

Note: HCFoo does not condone underaged drinking, excessive drinking, and drinking and driving. Non-halal.

(Via Down the Line!)

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