Aug 19, 2009

Marat Safin: Life after retirement... the answer could be marriage

"Agassi is different. He likes to take care of the kids. He has some kind of a school. Courier, he has a band. McEnroe, he's commentating, and also he has a band. So everybody has a different approach. Some people get depressed and they try to come back. Some people they can't because they are overweight. Everybody has a different story. I will see. I think it's very interesting life afterwards."
~ Marat Safin, on life after retirement.

According to Down The Line Tennis, Russian media has reportedly said that Marat Safin will be marrying his pop singer girlfriend Nastya Osipova. No date were mentioned yet.

So a marriage could be something that he's looking forward to after retirement.

Here's an interesting comment from an anonymous reader who denied the "marriage":

"This was a lie started by Marat himself said there would be no wedding and when in Paris when questioned by an Argentine sports announcer, he said he had a girlfriend "sort of. A little, a little." Marat is not in love with Nastya Osipova and will not be marrying her."
(Image via Yahoo! Sports)

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