Jul 16, 2009

Rafael Nadal, Richard Gasquet to return to tour

Double good news! Buddies Rafael Nadal and Richard Gasquet are set to get back on tour soon.

Nadal’s publicist, Benito Perez-Barbadillo, said on Tuesday that the six-time Grand Slam title winner was in Barcelona for tests on his sore knees.

Perez-Barbadillo said Nadal will return to practice next Monday and will play in the hard-court tournament at Montreal that begins August 10.

And moment ago, Gasquet has been cleared by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) to return to the tour after tested positive for cocaine.

The ITF said Gasquet's 'inadvertent contamination' in a nightclub the night before his scheduled match meant a 12-month suspension would be disproportionate and instead handed him a ban of 2 months and 15 days which expired today.
Statement from Richard Gasquet said, "It has been terrible. It was an unbelivable suffering not to go to Roland Garros and Wimbledon. I maintain that I have never taken cocaine.

"I am happy that I can return to the courts. It's a huge joy to play tennis again. What will I retain? That I can play tennis. Justice has been done.

"I thank those close to me, who have been with me. There were one or two people who said things against me. To them, I say: look at the sanction... I'm eager to play again. I'm eager to get back in the top 10."
(Via AP, Reuters)

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