Jul 21, 2009

"Pamela" has surfaced, files libel suit against Richard Gasquet!

Just as he thought he could make a return to the ATP World Tour, Richard Gasquet's happiness was cut short.

"Pamela" or known as Pamela D., the woman identified by Gasquet as the source of his positive test for cocaine at Miami, has filed a libel suit against the Frenchman.

Gasquet told an anti-doping tribunal that he kissed Pamela several times at a nightclub the evening before his positive test, and any cocaine she had taken could have found his way into her system.
"Firstly, my client affirms that she never said she had taken cocaine that evening," her lawyer told Le Post.

"Secondly, Pamela D. affirms that she never told Mr. Gasquet that Francesca [her friend also present that evening] had taken it that same evening."

"Thirdly, Pamela D. affirms that she never said to Mr. Gasquet that a member of Mr. Bob Sinclair's entourage had offered cocaine the evening of March 27.

"Finally, my client affirms that she never offered false testimony in favor of Mr. Gasquet."

The lawyer added that according to Pamela, she only kissed Gasquet once and "it was not a long kiss."
According to a source, Pamela was tested negative on her hair strand, which means she's not a long term cocaine user.

All I can say now is Gasquet is in deep shit again.

(Via; Image by Domenico Stinellis/AP/SIPA)

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