Jun 13, 2009

Boris Becker weds Lilly Kerssenberg

It doesn't matter who wear the pants in the family...

Instead of fleeing the paparazzi, former tennis champ Boris Becker, 40, and his bride Dutch model Lilly Kerssenberg, 30, have made the right decision by inviting the media to their wedding ceremony in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

She's lovely in this white tuxedo suit.

Among the guests who attended the less-than-private wedding ceremony were Prince Albert of Monaco, supermodel Claudia Schiffer and former cyclist Jan Ulrich, as well as Becker's two sons, Noah and Elias.

The newlyweds announced their plans to wed on a German chat show earlier this month.

Becker's eldest son Noah, left, and Elias, right, wait for the bridal couple in front of the Segantini Museum.

The Beckers wave as they set off for their reception together.

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