May 7, 2009

Dokic family drama... it never ends

Earlier this week, Jelena Dokic revealed to Sport & Style magazine in an exclusive interview that her father, Damir, physically abused her during their relationship.

After more than a decade of speculation, and bruises seen by coaches and competitors, Jelena confirmed those rumours are indeed true.

Then yesterday, Damir who was angry with the interview has reportedly threatened to blow up the Australian embassy in Serbia over the claims by Jelena that he physically abused her.

Serbian daily Blic reported that the senior Dokic phoned the Australian office in Belgrade saying he would blow up the building and threatened to “fire a rocket” on the car of the Australian ambassador to Serbia.

In the latest update,
Interior Minister Ivica Dacic confirmed that Damir has been detained in his home in northern Serbia and police has searched his house in the mountain region of Fruska Gora.

I wonder what's next... and when all these drama are going to end.

(Image by AP via

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