Apr 16, 2009

Zheng Jie returns to Sichuan

When the disastrous earthquake hit China's Sichuan province on May 12 last year, tennis player Zheng Jie, a local, was playing in Italy and feared the worst after losing contact with her family.

Almost a year later, Asia's no. 1 women's tennis player has the opportunity to re-visit earthquake-stricken areas in her hometown to deliver her love and care to young victims.

Zheng Jie was in Sichuan yesterday for a series of charity activities, visiting primary school of Hongbai Town in Shifang city and donating tennis equipment to students.
"As a Sichuan native, I'm very happy to contribute to my hometown as much as possible."
Zheng Jie who is Anta's latest ambassador also distributed free Anta's children's products to Sichuan kids during her visit.

Besides doing charity work, Zheng is also busy promoting tennis in China after being appointed ambassador for the Beijing Oriental International Tennis Development, a program aimed at spreading the sport's presence and nurturing future stars.
"It's another kind of challenge to me," smiled Zheng.

"I will think more of how to promote the sport as a different role."

"Tennis in powerhouses like the US and Russia boasts huge popularity. China still has a way to go to catch up. But I'm glad to see people here have made lots of efforts and will continue to develop the sport."

"As long as more kids pick it up, China will always produce big tennis stars."
(Via China Daily; Images via

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