Apr 22, 2009

Kei Nishikori trains hard but minus the racquet

Kei Nishikori recently blogged in his official website about training, getting treatment and rehabilitation, and his parents.

The Japanese tennis star said he has been training hard for a month now... but without a tennis racquet!

"Because it's been a considerable amount of time since I haven't played tennis at all, it feels pretty strange to me."

"I feel a bit uneasy that I won't be able to play like I used to before, because I have never experienced not holding a racket for such a long time."
Despite his elbow injury, Kei said his training is tough.
"My schedule is kind of tough. I train for one hour in the morning, get treatment and rehabilitation, and then train again for two more hours in the afternoon."

"Sometimes I focus on mental conditioning, depending on the day."
Then Kei joked about his parents who had stayed with him for about 5 weeks in Florida.
"Maybe they stayed for too long? Haha, I'm just kidding. We have a good time together."

"My mom's cooking made me gain a little weight. I wish I could gain muscle instead!"
Will he be able to recover on time for Roland Garros?

Chances seem to be very low.

(Images by IMG via Kei's official blog)

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