Mar 21, 2009

Zahed is officially Roger Federer's no.1 lookalike fan!

Congrats to Zahed for being a featured topic in Tennis Week.

Here's an excerpt from the article which I want to highlight:
"When I was in Shanghai for Tennis Masters Cup I was walking around wearing the "RF" cap and a fan walked up to me and said 'I have some extra tickets for the exhibition'," Khan said.

"So I ended up going (to Kuala Lumpur) to watch Roger, Borg, Blake and McEnroe. I wasn't planning on going but went."

"Roger was doing an autograph signing at a mall before the match and my mom and I went and as soon as he saw us, he remembered us from Shanghai and said 'Hey, it's you again.' He was very nice to my mom. She made a special Olympic t-shirt for him and he shook her hand."
Esther, a regular contributor at HCFoo's Tennis Blog, met Zahed at Shanghai and invited him and his mom to KL for the exhibition match and meet-the-fans session as the three of them didn't have a chance to see Roger in action as he missed the TMC final.

Here's a lovely photo of Zahed and his mom taken during lunch after Roger's autograph session. And that's their infamous t-shirts :D

The American is currently back in the states to watch a series of tournaments including the BNP Paribas Open and the Sony Ericsson Open.

(Via Tennis Week; Image by HCFoo)

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