Feb 26, 2009

When Roger Federer meets Andy Murray...

Roger: (Smiling sheepishly) Andy, I'm sorry for being a jerk at the Aussie Open. You know, all the comments about you at the press. It didn't help me to win my 14th Grand Slam anyway.

Andy: (Giving Roger his trademark blank look) Oh, ok... So, what are you doing in Dubai? I thought you're not playing.

Roger: Well, you see the backache is not true.

Andy: (Giving that blank look again)

Roger: I just needed more time to recover from that humiliation last month. Hehe!

Roger: You know, I have a house here in Dubai. You want to drop for a coffee? I have a great coffee machine courtesy from *beep*. Mirka will bake you delicious donuts. We can sit down and strategize a bit. You know, you take on that Djoker and I grab my no.1 ranking back from Rafa.

Andy: (And the blank look again) What do you mean? You think I can't be no. 1?

To be continued...

(Images via Georgina Chang Ace at Facebook/ESPN Star)

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