Feb 16, 2009

Rafael Nadal: It's not the knee, so no worry!

Rafael Nadal who received treatment on his right leg during yesterday's final of the ABN Amro, which he lost to Andy Murray, said the problem it's not with his knee.
"It's not the knee, so there's no worry about that," Nadal said.

"I'm sure I will recover quickly. It's nothing similar to last year. It's a lot less worrisome, let's hope."
Hence, Nadal will skip the next ATP tourney in Dubai, but he should be back in time to play for Spain in the Davis Cup next month.

Angel Ruiz-Cotorro, the Spain team doctor, said Nadal had strained a ligament below the knee against Murray but that the injury was not severe and that he should recover quickly.
"The injury is a result of a combination of things, from fatigue to the change of playing surface," Ruiz-Cotorro said.
In the meanwhile, Nadal is back in Madrid today signing an agreement with an insurance company, Mapfre. Princess Elena of Spain also present at the sponsor event.

(Via The Canadian Press; Images via Rafael Nadal official website)

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