Feb 11, 2009

An interview with John Lee, the team leader of Taiwan Cheering Team

Finally I'm back in the blogosphere after disappearing for few days.

Let's start off with the Davis Cup match between Taiwan and Kazakhstan.

During the week when the absence of Taiwan's top player Rendy Lu Yen-Hsun and Kazakhstan's three top-200 Russian imports threatened to grab the headlines of their Asia/Oceania Zone Group I Davis Cup tie, unheralded Chen Ti had the last laugh.

Chen defeated world no. 180 Yuri Schukin 4-6, 6-3, 2-6, 7-6 (3), 6-1 to give Taiwan a 3-1 lead in a 4-1 victory over the visitors.

In that crucial 4th rubber, credit has to be given to the Taiwan cheering team who cheered Chen and his teammates to success.

Elvis took the picture of John Lee in his famous wig.

Thanks to Elvis Dai who was there at the stadium and managed to get hold of John Lee, the Taiwan cheering team leader.

Hey, Esther, thank you for the translation too :-)

It's time for tennis blogger to recognise the cheering team leader his effort!

Q1. How does it feel as the leader of the cheering team?
JOHN LEE: I am proud to be the leader, and fans were part of the team members besides the players. In example, the cheering group played an important role during the double's match and Chen Ti's 4th rubber. That was a crucial moment and the support had given the players spirit to fight hard.

Q2. What motivates you to form a cheering team?
JOHN LEE: I used to be a member of The Fanatics cheering group which is based in Australia. My participation in the Fanatics cheering team had inspired me to form my very own Taiwan cheering team. It feels great when a group of people gather together to support the sportsmen. So, I formed a group called "Taiwan Woo"

John Lee in his Bruce Lee uniform holding cutie pie baby Savi.

Q3: Why do you choose yellow as the official team colour? And why the Bruce Lee image?
JOHN LEE: I didn't choose blue or green because there have political meaning in Taiwan.
So, I think yellow is a brighter colour and suitable for my team and the most important is, it is a political-free colour.

About Bruce Lee, that was a coincidence image that I brought into my team, i didn't have the intention to use Bruce Lee as our trademark. I bought the yellow attire from Japan and I had wore it at one of the Davis Cup event in Taiwan. My friend told me, I was like Bruce Lee and the image does suit Taiwan Woo. That's why I wear the attire until now.

You can visit John Lee's blog at

By the way, Taiwan will host India on March 6-8. I think most of us will expect a stiff competition between these two countries.

(Images by Elvis Dai and via John Lee's blog)

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