Feb 19, 2009

Ana Ivanovic rejects James Blunt's VIP invitation

Looks like Ana just broke someone's heart.

James Blunt's hopes to meet the tennis beauty after his concert in Belgrade next week have been dashed simply because Ana is too busy.

In last week's post, James was said to have asked the organizers of his concert to invite the Serbian sensation to his concert as he is a big fan of her.
"Ana Ivanovic was honoured with the invitation as she listens to James Blunt's music," said her spokesman.

"However, she would not be able to be present in Belgrade on February 23rd (due) to career engagements."
Maybe Ana is only into sportsmen.

Well, James, just forget it and start writing a new hit song... perhaps with the title "You're Beautiful, But Goodbye My Love". :D

(Via Austrian Times)

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