Jan 23, 2009

You'll only get this in Australian Open (WARNING: NUDITY)

We all know that tennis is not a classy, gentlemen's sport in Australia.

But come on, tennis is no football.

Please stop the hooliganism and thuggery acts in big tennis event like this.

(Image via Forty Deuce)

And if that's not controversial enough, here's another one today.

A streaker runs across Court 3 during the second round doubles match between Venus Williams and Serena Williams and Ayumi Morita and Martina Muller!


Stop giggling and run for your life!

The unidentified man sprinted across the sidelines and made several dance moves before heading toward an exit. And only from there, he was met by security guards who later arrested and banned him from the event.

Australian Open officials said the streaker was on the court for 14 seconds.

So why did they take so long to react? Here are their explanations.
“The focus of the on-court security team is always on player protection,” a statement from tournament officials said.

“They are instructed not to chase offenders as their focus at all times must remain on the players."

"The on-court actions of the security personnel reflected this focus on player protection.”
Now seriously, Australia, please buck up the securities at Melbourne Park!

What if these fanatic fans really jump into the court and hurt the players? We don't want to see a repeat of that Monica Seles stabbing incident.

If you can't step up to all these challenges then bring this Grand Slam event somewhere else in the Asia Pacific.

(Images via Getty Images)

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