Jan 16, 2009

Bernard Tomic's Dad launched verbal attack on Roger Rasheed

"Roger Rasheed is not a coach, he's a fitness conditioner. He took Lleyton Hewitt from no. 2 in the world to no. 60 and I think that Gael Monfils should be very careful."
~ John Tomic, Bernard Tomic's dad

Tomic Sr. the father of Australia's future top-10 prospect, Bernard Tomic has launched a stinging attack on leading coach and commentator Roger Rasheed.

Tomic Sr. questioned the credentials of Rasheed, the former coach of Lleyton Hewitt who is now steering Frenchman Gael Monfils.

He made the comments in his hometown paper, The Gold Coast Bulletin, and refused to back down.

Tomic said Rasheed had never taken a player from the "bottom" to the top echelon.

Rasheed declined to comment on the verbal attack by Tomic Sr.

Bernard Tomic had the opportunity to hit with Rafael Nadal yesterday..

Tomic's assault on Rasheed stems from comments the coach made about Bernard.

Last month, Rasheed said Tennis Australia should consider cutting ties with Tomic if problems persist with either the teenage star or his father.

I don't have much things to say except this: Never ever mess with the parents of your country's future star players.


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