Jan 19, 2009

Andy Murray hires extras to make his practice session more fun

Ever since Andy Murray has signed a deal with Simon Fuller's 19 Entertainment, we have seen a tremendous change in his image, from a skinny tennis player on a bad hair day into a tennis star who is more fun, buffed up and a favourite player that now share the limelight with the Top 3.

He shows off more skin and cheesy smile too and even impersonates the Incredible Hulk.

And in today's practice, he even have some extras to pose with him in photos, something that other players don't offer, yet.

Andy, I wonder what's next? I can't wait.

After his training session, the Aussie fans took the opportunity to get his autographs and photos.

Actually these guys are from Kia Fan Photos. You can submit your best shots at AO to them.

(Images by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

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