Jan 14, 2009

Ana Ivanovic loves herself more; Fernando Verdasco's moving forward

Ana Ivanovic's latest Adidas marketing campaign has a hidden message.

The narcissistic tagline "Me, Myself" sends out a message to tennis fans that she loves herself more than Fernando Verdasco :P

But let's see what Ana has to say about the real meaning of the tagline.
“The new adidas philosophy of Me, Myself is inspiring to me because it shows women as individuals; that we are all athletes in our own right and that we all have things that we do differently whatever level of athlete we are.”
The campaign, which showcases vivid behind-the-scenes images of Ana during her training sessions, features a number, which at first glance suggests that it might be her age.

The number 30 is in fact a reference to a narrative about Ana and the products she is wearing, providing a intimate insight into her dedication and commitment.

The text, which explains an athlete's need to combine rest and reflection with hard work, reads, 'Ana, 30. Thirty minutes of 'me' time - it's what I need before I can meet my next challenge. Impossible is nothing.'

The campaign will be featured in adidas stores and in print and website advertising in the coming months.

So what about Nando? Seems like he's putting the relationship aside/behind too.

Just look at his performance last week. He kicked off 2009 with a great start by making it in the men's singles and doub
les finals in Brisbane. I've never seen him so focused and serious in his match before.

Hopefully Nando will break into the top 10 this year. You know, nothing is impossible (perhaps Nando would prefer to say 'impossible is nothing').

(Images via Ana Ivanovic's official website;

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