Dec 11, 2008

Fernando Verdasco to get street named after him

The City of Boadilla del Monte, which is located west of Madrid, has announced that it will dedicate a street to Fernando Verdasco.

The mayor of Boadilla, Arturo Gonzalez Panero, thanked Verdasco for his collaboration with the City Council that last year named him "the best athlete of the year."
"Boadilla can be proud of having international athletes like Verdasco, Angel Nieto and Jesus Carballo, and therefore we have decided we are going to named the streets in a new area of Boadilla after them."

"Soon we will have our street in the Fernando Verdasco street, " the mayor confirmed.
The municipal sources have pointed out that Verdasco, who is from Boadilla since childhood, is considered the fourth best tennis player in Spain.
"His main quality as a tennis player is his physical condition which helped him to break his rival Acasuso in the decisive match that gave Spain its third Davis Cup," he said.

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