Nov 4, 2008

Who's Hot, Who's Not In Tennis This Week?

I've done this some time back in September.

Since I have nothing much to blog about (while waiting for the results at Doha), I'll just put up some fascinating photos here.

Don't you think Svetlana Kuznetsova looks like Feliciano Lopez here? :D Sorry Kuzy, thumbs down for you for the bad make-up (again!). And as for Feli, of course it's thumbs up for him as he's officially single again!

You know I'm a Rafatard, but it doesn't mean that I can't criticize Rafael Nadal.

Rafa is not drunk in the picture but annoyed by the paparazzi in Paris. Well, bad week and a bad picture, that already make Rafa deserves a thumbs down.

Roger Federer is already in Shanghai now. Unlike previous years, he's no longer invincible anymore. But one thing never change, fans still think he is a major dork and this picture proves it :D

Don't you just love Ana Ivanovic? I'm sure you wouldn't mind end up stranded on a desert island with Ana, am I right? She looks stunning here, so thumbs up for her.

Jelena Jankovic deserves a thumbs down simply because she looks as if she's in a bathrobe. Period.

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