Nov 25, 2008

Making money from tennis blogging

A couple of weeks ago I was surprised to receive a cheque from Cafepress.

I've created an account with them exactly a year ago but I've never hope to make money by selling tennis t-shirts online.

Well, USD$130 is nothing to shout about but the joy of receiving a cheque in the mailbox unexpectedly is simply awesome.

Because of that I've created new prints, RAFABITES and Kei's Gambatte in Japanese. But I still don't have the time to organise my shop yet. So it's a bit messy.

So, what's the joy of blogging about tennis?

Is it because of the money from selling tees, from Google Adsense and ads?

Well, honestly it's not exactly about the money.

I gain more satisfaction from reading about the latest tennis news in other blogs and forums and getting to know other tennis fans and bloggers.

Plus I get the privilege to meet my favourite tennis players and interview them when they are in town.

Now I'm considering to save up the money I make online and watch real tournaments next year. Perhaps a trip to Bangkok or Bali for Thailand Open or Bali Open would be great.

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