Nov 20, 2008

James Blake at tennis clinic for kids in Malaysia

While Roger Federer were meeting fans at KLCC, James Blake spent his time conducting a sparring session with 16 national junior players at the Mandarin Oriental tennis arena in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

I spent some time at this clinic before dashing to the meet-the-fans session. Esther stayed on and managed shoot a lot of great photos.

The juniors received tips on footwork, service and other techniques.

Blake reminded them to concentrate on improving their footwork as it's the most important part of tennis.

"Tennis is a game of movement. Correct footwork can mean the difference between winning and losing," said Blake.

Among those who attended the clinic were national Under-10 champion Talhah Rahizam, Faiz Samsuddin, Tobias Waldau and Damien Rocky.

Talhah, the son of national coach Rahizam Rahin, and Faiz were the stars of the day when they managed to earn a few points during the coaching-cum-sparring session with Blake.

Talhah said it's a dream come true to spar with Blake and win points.
"My ambition is to become a world class player and the session with Blake is something I will cherish forever," said the 10-year-old Talhah.
Here's a great photo of Blake. No wonder Evian water wants to partner with him.

(Via News Straits Time)

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