Nov 26, 2008

If tennis players were rock stars...

Found a hilarious post on Bleacher Report called "If Tennis Players Were Rock Stars: Who Would They Be?"

Top professional tennis players are no difference from celebrities. They get 5-star treatment wherever they go. And whether it's on-court or off-court, their move are being watched constantly.

According to contributor Vinny Do, "Tennis players are a lot like rock stars. They all have a certain voice."

Here are what he thought the tennis players would be if they were rock stars.

Roger Federer: John Lennon. Just greatness all round, from songwriting to singing to leadership.

Rafael Nadal: Carlos Santana. Virtuoso skill and grit; enough vibrato to make you go wow!

Lleyton Hewitt: Bon Scott from AC/DC.
Both Aussies, and wear school uniforms.

Serena Williams: Tina Turner. Simply the best, and those hmm...thunder thighs.

Marat Safin: Bon Jovi. The looks and the women.

Andy Murray: The guy from "The Darkness." Looks like him, scruffy. Slim.

Andy Roddick: Any boy band member. But he thought it's Brian from the Backstreet boys, can hit the notes, but rarely anything special (Ouch!)

John McEnroe: Bob Dylan. They are both magicians, but couldn't give a hoot what anyone else thinks.

(Via Bleacher Report)

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