Nov 2, 2008

Feliciano Lopez is officially single; breaks up with Maria Jose Suarez

Feliciano Lopez and Maria Jose Suarez decided to call it quit.

The beautiful couple broke off a year ago but patched back very quickly again.

However this time, according to Maria Jose in an exclusive magazine Hello!, it's going to be permanent.

There are too many differences between them: Feliciano likes to party while Maria Jose prefers to be at home; she wants a stable relationship with commitment i.e. marriage while Feliciano is just not ready for it.

Perhaps their biggest difference is their age, Feliciano is 26 while Maria Jose is 32.

Feli and Maria Jose in happier times.

With a new life without each other, Maria Jose will be concentrating on her new shoe store while Feliciano will be preparing for the Davis Cup final with his Spanish team mates.

(Via,, Menstennisforums)

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