Oct 22, 2008

A tea party with Dmitry Tursunov at St. Petersburg

Dmitry Tursunov and St. Petersburg Open organizers visited Children`s Crisis Center - a charitable public organization that supports children at risk and children from crisis families.

The meeting with the children from the centre went on in a very joyful and relaxed atmosphere.

Dmitry told the children about his childhood, his school years, and about the long time he spent in the USA away from his family.

The children had opportunity to ask him questions that concern them most at the moment - how to achieve success in life, how to choose the right profession.

They were interested in many other things as well, for instance, the attitude of the famous tennis player to bad habits.

Tursunov answered that the only thing he tried was smoking.
"Though I did not like smoking and I quit not even having started", Dmitry added.
It turned out that the kid`s main hobby is table tennis, and Dmitry played with the children with great pleasure.

Though, no one could beat Dmitry in the mini-table tennis tournament that they held after tea - his tennis skills showed up.

After the tournament Dmitry gave the children prizes with St. Petersburg Open logo, and invited them to the tournament and the master class for young players held by Marat Safin and Igor Kunitsyn.

Besides, the children will have an opportunity to take part in different competitions and games organized in the arena of the St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Hall within the framework of the Family Day.

The bad news is veteran Dominik Hrbaty upset Dmitry Tursunov 6-1, 6-1 in the first round at St. Petersburg Open.

(Via St Petersburg official website)

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