Oct 23, 2008

Rafael Nadal teams up with Sergio Garcia for pro-am practice at Castello Masters

Rafael Nadal, the world no.1 tennis player, took time off from tennis to be part of the team led by Sergio García in the pro-Am (one professional and three amateurs) prior to the Masters Golf Castellón that begin today at the Club de Campo del Mediterráneo, in Borriol, Spain.
"I've played to a correct level. It was a pleasure and we have fun," said Nadal, the star today on the golf course.
Nadal, with a 9.6 handicap (the level of play is usually measured between 0 and 36), also showed his skill with the golf clubs (and the handles are for right-handed player).
"I'm right-handed for everything except for tennis and soccer. The last sport, football is my passion, but I can not practice often entailing the risk of injury."

"So the golf is a good sport. I like I relax and has no danger of injuries, and it serves to disconnect me for four hours in an environment very nice, "said Nadal at the press conference.

"I think I'm playing the best golf that Sergio playing tennis," Nadal said, in the same celebratory tone with which he expressed confidence in his post pointer ladder.
Nadal also said to be "very grateful" for the Prince of Asturias prize for sports, which he will receive the award next Friday in Oviedo.
"It's an award that fills me with pride and gratitude, not only by how much this award means, but also by the high level of all candidates and the very high level of Spanish sport," he added.
Here are some of Nadal's actions on golf course. The youtube video is pretty good.

(Via, Images by Stuart Franklin of Getty Images Europe)

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