Oct 1, 2008

Jelena Jankovic impersonates Rafael Nadal; aiming for #1

In her blog, Jelena Jankovic posted some pictures from Stuttgart of her celebrating the China Open win with her parents Snezana and Veselin Jankovic.

There are champagne, strawberries, chocolates and lots of love!

This is a crucial week for the Serbian sensation.

Not only that a luxury Porsche is at stake, but this Porsche Tennis Grand Prix will determine who's the world no. 1; Jankovic or Serena Williams.

If one of the two loses second round and the other goes further, the one who goes further will be No.1; if they both lose in the second round, Jankovic will be No.1.

If Williams wins her second round match, Jankovic's chances of becoming No.1 diminish significantly - Jankovic would have to do two wins better than Williams, so she would have to be either runner-up (with Williams losing in the quarters) or champion (with Williams losing in the semis).

If Williams reaches the final, No.1 is safe, win or lose.


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