Oct 21, 2008

Is Serena Williams ass-et the hottest?

In response to the photos of Serena and boyfriend Common surfing in Hawaii, she wrote in her blog:

Can u guys believe?!!! I'm back!!!

I've been so busy! But I wanted to write something real quick.

I'm in Hawaii surfing, and practicing and having fun!

What do u think of my technique?

Will I come back tonight! I promise to keep u updated!

Why do people always take pictures of my A$$??? Ughhh!

Until next time.

Well, c'mon Serena, people are not only interested in your ass, but also your sis Venus' and Rafael Nadal's.

Only I haven't found a great photo of someone staring on Nadal's nice ass yet :D (Updates: What am I talking about? We already have the most controversial photos here.)

(Via Serena William's website)

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