Oct 15, 2008

Dinara Safina was misinformed, WTA Tour CEO said

Last week, Dinara Safina voiced out that top tennis players might boycott next year's WTA tour if some questions were unanswered.

Finally, Sony Ericsson WTA Tour responded to Safina statement and cleared up the issue.
“Dinara was misinformed when she stated that the Kremlin Cup in Moscow was going to have a limited player commitment in 2009,” said Sony Ericsson WTA Tour CEO Larry Scott in comments reported by the AFP.

“It is in fact one of five tournaments which falls the week immediately before a Grand Slam or the Sony Ericsson Championships that will have unlimited player commitment, meaning any number of top 10 players can play the event. We have since spoken with Dinara and clarified this detail.”
Safina was mistakenly under the impression that only a limited number of top ten players would be allowed to compete.
“I was given the wrong information and now understand that the Kremlin Cup in Moscow can receive an unlimited number of top players,” said Safina.

“I support the direction the Tour is taking - especially as it relates to steps taken to create a healthier calendar for top players - though I of course want to wait and see how the Roadmap develops before coming to final opinions on the many reforms that will part of the new system.”

“I do hope that I and other top players will have an opportunity to sit with the Tour leadership in the coming weeks to discuss certain elements of the Roadmap where I think there is still room for improvement.”
Hopefully WTA as well as ATP will hold more discussion sand talks to clear up any issues that might lead to miscommunication.

(Via On The Baseline, Down the Line Tennis)

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