Oct 8, 2008

Bryan Brothers jam out with Counting Crows

Dubs no. 1 Bob and Mike Bryan have played to some big crowds during their careers.

But nothing quite prepared them for the buzz of rocking with Counting Crows in front of 25,000 fans at Tampa, Florida last Friday.

The 30-year-old California twins joined the band on stage for the song 'Hanging Around'.

Bob played keyboards, including a solo midway through the song. Mike played a rhythm acoustics guitar, including a brief solo.
"It's been a childhood dream of ours to be rock stars and I've had dreams of playing in front of that many people," Bob said.

"So it was great to finally become a rock star - even if it was just for six minutes."
The Bryans are friends with band member Jim Bogios, hooking up the drummer with Centre Court tickets to the Nadal-Federer final at Wimbledon this year and tickets during the US Open.
"Jim mentioned to us that he'd like to get us on stage with the band. We didn't think he was serious but everyone in the band was on the same page," Mike said.
But a two-hour flight delay from the West Coast Friday almost cost the Bryans their dream. After landing late in Tampa they rushed to the Ford Amphitheater.
"When we landed we were worried about the time but we got a text from Jim saying 'You can't get out of this now. You're going to be sitting in with us for Hanging Around.' That's when we started getting really nervous," Mike said.

"Bob has had extra time to practice (keyboards) in recent weeks because of his shoulder injury, and in the car to the concert he brushed up on a mini keyboard on his iPhone. He really got it tight and played brilliantly."
Midway through 'Hanging Around' lead singer Adam Duritz introduced Bob and Mike to the crowd, who roared their approval.

The Bryans are practicing at Saddlebrook this week and with Bob's left shoulder steadily improving, they expect to play the ATP Masters Series event in Madrid, which begins Sunday.

Bob has been sidelined since winning a second US Open title with Mike in early September. Mike's only appearance since then was a five-set Davis Cup win with Mardy Fish against Spain in Madrid almost three weeks ago.

Click here to download the audio (via ATP site). (Note: Counting Crows have granted permission for the track to appear on that ATP site)
*Listen to the brothers playing in Hanging Around. Bob's keyboards solo starts at 2:26 into the clip, with Mike's guitar solo starting around 3:30.

(Via ATP site)

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