Sep 26, 2008

Now tell me if something's going on between Fernando Verdasco and Ana Ivanovic

Alright now. I still can't get over this photo of Fernando Verdasco flirting with Ana Ivanovic.

For the past couple of days, 'Verdasco and Ivanovic' is the most searched keyword in my blog.

Now there are more pictures found!

Looks like Verdasco was trying very hard jocking Ivanovic at the official reception of the 2008 China Open.

And check out more pictures taken during Ivanovic practice. Guess who was in the background?

Yes, that was Verdasco right there!

I wonder if something is going on here between the two hotties? Someone please enlighten me :D

By the way, Ivanovic is out of the tournament after losing in the quarterfinal against Zheng Jie 6-7, 6-2, 4-6. Verdasco suffered the same fate after beaten by Juan Carlos Ferrero 7-5, 6-4 which denied him from moving into the quarterfinal.

Updates: More pictures!

So the older woman sitting beside Verdasco is Ivanovic's mom, Dragana.

When you want to impress the girl, you must impress the mom too. And Verdasco did just that.

And by the way, most probably Verdasco is single now because he hasn't been seeing Priscila de Gustin for months.

Updates: More pictures!

A Chinese fan, Lola, captured these pictures hanging out together. Looks like a hotel in the background I suppose.

More info: Ivanovic and Verdasco are with Adidas together. Sven, Ivanovic´s coach, also a part-time coach of Verdasco. Both of them also share the same sparring partner (info from menstennisforums)

(Images from, menstennisforums,

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