Sep 19, 2008

Jelena Jankovic found her love at the Beijing Olympics

Novak Djokovic denied romance with Paraguayan Olympian Leryn Franco.

But look who's the one hooked up with another Olympian instead at the recent Beijing Olympics?

Serbian tennis player Jelena Jankovic met Mladjan Janovic, the water polo player from Montenegro at the sports event. And very soon their friendship turned into love.

In an exclusive interview for the magazine Hello!, Jelena talks about her new boyfriend, her successes on tennis courts all around the world, ambitions related to acting career, a forthcoming premiere of the documentary “Jelena’s World” dedicated to her, and how she feels about playing in dresses which she designed herself.

Answering the question about that someone special in her life now, she confirmed:
“Yes, there is a guy from Montenegro… Before I met Mladjan in Beijing, I was single for a couple of months. He plays water polo for the Montenegrin representation, he is 24 years old and his name is Mladjan Janovic."
(Via Blic Online,

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