May 19, 2008

Please, Rafael Nadal is no 'ogre' or 'beast'

It seems that Rafael Nadal's success on clay has created humongous jealousy particularly among Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic supporters.

It is truly unacceptable when the self-proclaimed 'Britain's No. 1 quality newspaper website', called the King of Clay an 'ogre'. Since when the world no. 2 is known as an 'ogre' in France?

And what exactly is an ogre?

1. A giant or monster in legends and fairy tales that eats humans.
2. A person who is felt to be particularly cruel, brutish, or hideous.

I don't see the definition match Rafael Nadal at all.

Please accept the fact that Nadal is the best on clay. He has denied Novak Djokovic the no. 2 spot on Saturday and he also took away the Hamburg Masters from Roger Federer. But Nadal is no 'ogre' or 'beast' as some of the media would love to call him. Give Nadal some respect.

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