Apr 25, 2008

Birthday bash for Maria Sharapova

I guess Maria Sharapova is one of the very few women tennis players that has posh birthday bash every year hosted by their sponsors.

This year, again, luxury watch brand TAG Heuer hosted another invitation-only birthday party for Sharapova set in New York hotspot Tenjune. Of course there are a whole bunch of well-known people attended the party such as Michelle Trachtenberg and Vera Wang.

During the night's celebration, TAG Heuer President and CEO, Ulrich Wohn toasted the 21 year-old before presenting her with an elegant white and pink eight-tier cake.
"Maria is part of the TAG Heuer family and we are honored that we were able to celebrate this special day with her. To have accomplished so much by this age is truly amazing and the embodiment of TAG Heuer’s ‘What are you made of?’ principle.”
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