Jan 29, 2008

Politicking: The survival guide

Whether you are working in a big corporate or just a small organisation, more often you will encounter 'back stabber'. They will do whatever they can to achieve personal gain at the expense of others. Politicking is their game.

Well, thank goodness I've not really encounter such people before but I have heard so much about. I was browsing through The Straits Times, a Singapore based newspaper and I thought this article under the recruitment section is worth sharing here.

So how are we going to survive in an environment where politicking game is what your colleagues play?

1. Always present ideas in favour of organisational goals and not your own personal interests.

2. Develop the right image by adopting a style of dressing and behaviour that conforms to the culture norms of the organisation.

3. Develop a resource base (expertise and knowledge) that is central to the organisation's activities.

4. Try to create the illusion that you are indispensable.

5. Be visible! Take part in social as well as work activities.

6. Be seen to be popular by developing strategic allies at different levels within organisation.

7. Avoid 'tainted' people - avoid too much contact with fringe employees, those whose loyalty and ability are questionable.

8. Always support your boss without being labelled as a 'boot licker' or a 'yes man'.

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