Oct 30, 2007

Update on HCFoo-Meet-Nadal Campaign

Some latest update from my campaign!

The day for Nadal to touch down Malaysia is getting near. I assume many tennis fans already got their tickets. Although Federer vs. Sampras match is selling like hot cakes, the same is not happening to Nadal vs. Gasquet. And so this is the best time to approach the organizers of this event.

Today I've finally made a call to Ticketpro. However, the girl who picked up the phone, Nicky, refused to put me to the Marketing Manager and said her agency is not able to help.

Hence, I've decided to search for the website of Entertainment Group Limited (which does not linked correctly through Ticketpro Malaysia website) and called up the Hong Kong based organizer instead. The lady who picked up the phone, Maggie, is very professional in her approach and advice me to send my proposal in an email directed to her and see what she can do for me.

I've told Maggie that I need to know Rafael Nadal's flight schedule, training schedule, etc so that I can provide first hand information for my blogger friends and Nadal fans whom many of them searched into my blog to welcome him as soon as Nadal touch down Malaysia.

Hopefully I'll hear some good news soon. Keep tuning in!

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