Oct 24, 2007

Spare the parking space

This morning, after had my curry mee breakfast, I dropped by McDonalds to get a cup of hot Milo while waiting for my office to open at 8.30 a.m. While finding a parking space, a car tailed from behind and the young man quickly parked into the space provided for the disabled people.

There were so many parking spaces that he can park and yet he chose to park the most convenient space, in front of the side door entrance to McD. How ignorant is that?!

Initially I want to stay at McD to blog for awhile after getting my Milo. Instead I took out my pen and paper and wrote him and his girlfriend a note:
Kepada Pemilik Kereta,
Anda telah meletak kereta di tempat yang dikhaskan untuk orang kurang upaya. Sila bertimbang rasa sedikit. Terima kasih!

Dear Car Owner,
You have parked at this space specially for disabled people. Please be considerate. Thank you!

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