Oct 24, 2007

My paid posts earning

Since last month, I've been so-called actively writing paid posts again. I must admit that paid posts are not easy to earn as you need to be discipline and 'full of writing ideas' all the time.

Last month, I targeted RM500 from paid posts and I surpassed that amount.

These are the break down of my humble paid posts earning (too little to mention in US$):
  • PayPerPost (RM320.40)
  • Smorty (RM113.40)
  • Sponsored Review (RM177.84)
On average I write less than 30 paid posts per month which means a paid post per day and using between 2-5 minutes to do so.

I guess writing paid posts makes me more discipline as I continuously finding topics to talk about as well as to commit to the deadlines set by the blog advertisers. It is even more easier to keep the momentum going when you set a targeted amount of paid posts you want to write that particular month.

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