Oct 19, 2007

Blogger unclothed meme

Finally I'm writing this post tagged by Keeyit. I'm taking too long to think whether I should unclothed myself in the blogosphere, didn't I? Taddaaaa... here you go...

Well, I don't wear anything more than ordinary and casual to work. Yeps, everyday is casual for me and I'm kinda blessed working in this publishing line not worrying what to wear every day.

That's a Baleno Special Edition Coke T-shirt bought from Hong Kong/China and a blue jeans from Mark and Spencer.

I don't really wear much accessories. Just a pair of stinky sneakers (and socks), a camouflage Animal Planet watch and my nametag.

*** How to do the meme ***
Post pics and write a short description of what you were wearing and accessories you had with you at 1200 noon or 12 midnight today or yesterday.
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