Sep 19, 2007

When kissing and PDA are judged as obscene

I am kinda lost touch of the local entertainment news these days thanks to the lack of opportunity to be in front of the TV and seldom read the papers.

Yesterday, while having lunch alone at Restoran Khalifah nearby my office, I bought a copy of The Star newspaper. The news that caught my attention was the controversial kiss between Ashraf Sinclair and Bunga Lestari. Artists kissing caught on camera is definitely a huge issue in Malaysia.

Remember when Deanna Yusoff's hot kissing scene in a Singaporean drama was condemned by fellow Malaysians? And I remember back in the 80s, a kissing scene in the movie, Isabella, between Amy Search and an Indonesian actress became such a huge issue but the situation wasn't as bad as Deanna Yusoff's case.

I guess there's always double standard when it comes to controversial issues between male and female. Sorry to sound a bit feminist but the guys always get away with it easily while the girls get humiliated by the public.

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