Sep 18, 2007

What I love best about PayPerPost

I have been writing for PayPerPost (PPP) for few months now. No doubt PPP which is one of the most talked about blog marketing at this moment and loved by every bloggers whether amateur or professional.

Although I did not really earn much due to my 0 PR (after I've transferred to my own custom domain) and lack of self discipline, I still believe PPP is one of the source that allow me to earn some amount of money through blogging.

When everyone started writing paid posts, I doubt making money online works. But eventually I did believe them and started to sign up and writing.

My diligent postings did produced results and after getting paid for the first month, I did believe in using blog as my side income. However, discipline is very important as writing for paid posts requires a lot of research and hard work. So, I did spent the money I have earned through PPP on buying things through ebay. I've bought some CDs and t-shirts as well as converting the US dollar to Malaysian Ringgit.

Well, I am making a resolution to write everyday. My motto is 'At least a paid post per day', provided that there are opportunities available to me.

Now, can someone please tell me when and how I can increase my page rank?

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