Sep 26, 2007

Review: 10 (good and bad) facts about the movie Hairspray

1. Definitely one of the best musical in this century. While it is not on the same par compare to classics such as Sound of Music or Grease, I can't believe Hollywood still able to produce such a well-rounded movie with great songs, dream casts and most importantly good message and moral values.

2. It's all about the music. Come on, who doesn't love music from the 60s? Rock 'n' roll never dies. I enjoy every single song in the movie but I particularly love 'You're Timeless To Me' and '
Welcome to the 60's'.

3. John Travolta definitely steals the show as Edna Turnblad. Just because he's a woman in this movie doesn't mean that he'll get a nomination for the next Oscars. But John Travolta is definitely born for musical and I enjoy every minute watching him particularly on the ala-Bollywood scene with Christopher Walken.

4. Black people can sing better than the white people.

5. No on-screen chemistry between between Link Larkin (played by Zac Efron) and Tracy Turnblad (newcomer Nikki Blonsky). I have no idea how Link can suddenly fall so deeply in love with Tracy. Okay, probably I'm being discriminative here thinking that a cute guy can't fall in love with a fat girl.

6. Every teenager loves Zac Efron. I have no idea why young girls are so crazy for him. And I still can't get over the fact that his character kissed Tracy Turnblad. Bad, bad me!

7. Well, I love Michelle Pfeiffer but her villain character
Velma Von Tussle is not really a suitable one for her. Probably Sharon Stone would be a better choice.

8. Nikki Blonsky shines only at the beginning part of the show (I like the part where she sits on top of the garbage truck singing 'Good Morning Baltimore'). But the rest of her performance was bland. I don't think we'll ever see her on a big budget movie like this anymore.

9. The supporting casts shine in this movie. James Marsden can sing? I think he did a good job as Corny Collins. Amanda Bynes and Elijah Kelley did a job in providing on-screen chemistry in their inter-racial relationship as Penny Pingleton and Seaweed (shame on you, Zac).

10. Everyone dance in this musical. Even big momma Edna can move. Now who wants to join me for a Strickin' Chicken dance?

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