Sep 18, 2007

Tips on how you can meet your fate

Reading LiewCF's post on "Have you meet your fate" inspire me to share some tips of how to meet your other halves.

1. Read the book called If Love Is A Game, Here Are The Rules, regardless you have a girlfriend or not. Read at least the first 5 rules.

2. Start getting out and meeting new friends. The best is through mutual friends. Or go on a trip and meet new people. Share your interests during the conversation so that people have a chance to get to know you but don't just talk about yourself.

3. Get her contacts, blog (chances higher if she has one) and e-mail address right on the first meeting.

4. Get to know her by reading her blog.

5. Show your interest by sending her an email the next day right away mentioning about the meeting last night and that you have read some of her posts in her blog.

6. Don't ask her out on a date yet.

7. Invite her to join bloggers' gathering or hangout / yamchar with friends after a week or two.

8. After the second or third time meeting, you can try to ask her for a date. Strictly no movies. Just a simple dinner or coffee to talk and listen to each other. If both of you felt good about each other on this date, you know you are on your way ;)

This is strictly based on my own personal experience and I can't guarantee it will be 100% work. But it works for my relationship
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