Sep 24, 2007

Phone card international by Pingo

This is a paid post*

Call me ignorant but I have no idea there's a global brand of virtual calling cards that will offer amazing low rates.

Pingo provides both consumers and business customers prepaid calling cards service with high quality, convenience and the most important thing, competitive rates. Can you believe that there's no other additional charges except a nominal maintenance fees?

One of their most attractive service is their phone card international. No matter you need a calling card China, a calling card Chile or a calling card Thailand, Pingo is able to connect you to the world with its worldwide service. And that include Malaysia. Yeps, this service is available to Malaysians too.

Okay, so what are the advantages of Pingo international phone card?
  • It has got the lowest rate in the industry.
  • Able to upgrade long distance service without having to change carriers which you can't get similar service elsewhere.
  • Availability of savings of a discount calling card.
  • World's largest carriers of international calls.
  • Pingo RateWatchers always on the look out for opportunities to reduce costs for its customers.
  • Pingo offer automatic recharge which means users will only be charged only when he or she is using the phone card. And users will never be cut off from an international call due to insufficient fund.
  • Availability of web management system which allows users to manage their account online at anytime of the day.
For more information about the rates to call United States or any part of the world, check out Pingo for their competitive rates.

If you sign up to Pingo today, you will receive $8 of free calls or up to 5 hours of free international calls. Also, there is
this special phone card blog discount coupon. Just type “ppp3” and you'll save yourself $3 off Pingo. And what about getting a $25 phone card for just $17? So visit their website, the number one international calling cards, and sign up today for all these great deals.

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