Sep 24, 2007

No Bangkok for Nadal

It was supposed to be my plan to attend Thailand Open to watch my tennis idol, Rafael Nadal, in action. However, due to his presence in the upcoming Malaysia Independence Tennis Festival, I decided to called off the trip to Bangkok and watch in Malaysia instead. And so my decision is right because Nadal just withdrew himself from the tournament.

I already doubt if I should attend Thailand Open because I knew chances are Nadal is going to injure himself by the second half of the year. It happens every year due to his hectic schedule at the beginning of the year.

Hopefully Nadal will recover from his knee injury soon for Shanghai Open and of course the exhibition match in Malaysia.

In the meanwhile, continue to support me in my quest to meet Nadal. All you have to do is type 'Vamos VMY2007' in this link.

I'll do the rest of the job which include sending email proposals to the organizer and Nadal's management team to arrange for the meeting and sponsorship as well as doing my part in showing my appreciation for bloggers who commented in that link through charity.
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