Sep 7, 2007

My Experience In Purchasing Flowers Online

Well, first of all, this is not a sponsored post or advertisement but more of a personal experience on buying flowers online.

Few months ago, together with some friends, we decided to s
end flowers to our good friend on her birthday. Since it is my job to do the online purchase, I decided to go for Blooming Florist, the only online florist I know back then. However, I ended up very disappointed because my friends and I have to pay a hefty price for a bad service. My friend not only received her flowers on her BELATED birthday but only received it in the evening after I made a call to the customer service during lunch hour. evil evil

Then when I asked them why I can't trace my order online, they gave a silly reason saying that their tracking system couldn't trace order to Penang. I was upset because instead of apologizing for their inefficiency in the delivery, they gave a lot of excuses.

Recently I did another online purchase but definitely not Blooming Florist again because of their
lack of professionalism and services. I don't want to even mention their bouquet arrangement.

This time I decided to consult from a friend, Tracy, first before I make another bad purchase online and she recommended Pure Seed Florist. Honestly, you'll be impressed by the pictures in the websites. I'm amazed too but again I'm a bit cautious this time after the previous bad experience. However, the florist, Winnie is very helpful, and they are very professional in flowers arrangement and providing great service especially in
accommodating special request.

I am so impressed by them I want to share this in my blog. Whatever you see in the pictures are what you are going to get. They made the flowers arrangement look so expensive and e
legant. Even the soft toys are of good quality. And the flowers are the freshest in town too.

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